Coping With The Changing Learning Environment Using Electronic Devices

Balancing The Different Learning Needs Of Students
February 17, 2019

Coping With The Changing Learning Environment Using Electronic Devices

There is a mixed feeling regarding the use of electronic devices in school. There are schools that place an outright ban on the use of electronic devices while others leave it at the discretion of the teacher. The major reason why many educators are against the use of electronic devices in classrooms is that they are a potential source of distractions for the students. However, I love to look at how educators can use these devices to cope with the increasing challenges in the learning environment.

On the contrary, electronic devices and previous knowledge are two great tools a teacher can use to capture the attention of students. It is easier for a teacher to engage a large group using technology than one-on-one. Technological devices also have a way of increasing students’ interest in the subject. Such hands-on activities also help to improve information retention.

Simplifying Difficult Concepts

Let’s face it, we are studying more complex concepts in this current generations when compared to maybe two centuries ago. As teachers, it is often difficult to simplify these concepts in ways that students can easily understand. However, the use of 3D models and software has been a great help in helping students to understand some of these concepts.

Create Opportunity For Personalized Learning

Some students learn better by reading, others by writing or visualization. Technology makes it possible for students to customize their learning experience in a way that suits them the most. For example, students who learn better through visualization can quickly look up concepts using Google images as soon as the teacher mentions them. It also makes it easier for the teacher to hand out their teaching resources which they were unable to discuss in the class for the students to study them further at their free time. It’s all about finding the balance.

Knowing Knowledge
Knowing Knowledge
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