My name is Mike. I recently completed my training as a school teacher and began to work in one of the schools in the neighborhood. In my short teaching experience, I have discovered a huge learning gap existing between educators and learners.  My primary goal of creating this website is to improve learning efficiency by suggesting ways educators can use to improve student engagement. The growth of any nation is highly dependent on the quality of education they offer the younger generation. Hence, I know that my quest is a very important one and I am committed to providing as much useful information as possible to educators.

My Belief

The proliferation of electronic gadgets in schools is greeted with mixed feelings. Educators blame electronic gadgets for student distractions, but some students also think they cannot do without electronic gadgets. As a teacher, I believe that there is a good side to everything and we should try to find it out and use it to our advantage. There are lots of difficult concepts that are difficult to explain without a form of simulation of 3D model and this is where electronic gadgets can be of tremendous help to educators.

I believe educators can capture the attention of their students using prior knowledge and electronic devices as well as improve student engagement. By making these attempts, educators will indirectly be increasing the information retention potential of these students.

Every student is unique and has their unique learning needs. There are different ways through which students learn including reading, writing, and hands-on practical. I believe educators should incorporate as many leaning techniques as possible when preparing their lessons since this carries students with different learning patterns along.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire educators to explore innovative means to tackle some of the trending problems in the education system. By improving the engagement of students in a lesson educators will be able to increase the understanding of students.

Education is the basic gift that every parent owes their children and the educators dictate the quality of education the students take home at the end of every day. It is therefore important for educators to access the level of understanding of the students in each lesson and tackle any conflicting idea rather than leaving it to the next lesson. We are all responsible for the journey of building a better nation for ourselves and our children.

I accept the responsibility of standing as a bridge between students and educators to help both groups reach the ultimate goal of higher knowledge impact.

My Vision

I look forward to a world where education will be personalized to meet the unique learning needs of every student as well as breed a generation that will be able to apply acquired knowledge to solve societal problems.

The Future

Every child has the right to quality education and every educator should make considerable efforts to deliver quality education to their students. Rather than see electronic devices as a distraction, educators should explore ways to use them to their advantage.