Different students have their optimum learning method. Some will learn pretty fast when they read texts while others prefer to listen to the teacher. There is yet another group of students that will need a practical demonstration for whatever they have learned to stick. The teacher is left with the difficult task of finding the balance that will be favorable to every student.

I have been reading a lot and rehearsing in front of my mirror for days to make sure that my first lesson would be a stunner. A teacher’s first impression really matters; it determines if the students will give you their attention or if they will rebuff your presence. With the knowledge I had and the friendly teaching method I had perfected, I expected it to be a smooth sail. How wrong I was.

On the contrary, electronic devices and previous knowledge are two great tools a teacher can use to capture the attention of students. It is easier for a teacher to engage a large group using technology than one-on-one. Technological devices also have a way of increasing students’ interest in the subject. Such hands-on activities also help to improve information retention.

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